Generally speaking, this review concerns it when I first bought it, and I loved it

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Generally speaking, this review concerns it when I first bought it, and I loved it

Generally speaking, this review concerns it when I first bought it, and I loved it

I always have a tin in my rotation

This is not a bad smoke, but it lacks the room note as well as the taste to become a more then occasional smoke. It may be better as a mixer then straight out the tin. MZMN

I « prime » my pipe after it’s been charged with SK; light the tobacco until it’s burning evenly

I like earthy strong tobaccos without sweet flavorings. I could only tolerate two bowls of this due to the intense sweet flavor. I dislike it and it’s much cheaper to rapidly ingest several Pixie Sticks if I want a sweet taste.

Unlike Breeze, Killarney is not as heavily cased and smoked more like tobacco. The tin says the blend has a caramel topping. I guess that flavor just appeals to me when I smoke it. I also received sort of a light chocolate/vanilla taste.

I think the negative views of this tobacco is a bit unfair. I’m a fan of Petersen tobaccos with Irish Oak and Irish flake my favourites. I won’t say Sweet Killarney is another favourite but, on the other hand, it’s not really as bad as some of the reviews make it. I dry the tobacco spread open on a piece of paper. I then tamp it down a bit and leave the pipe for, say an hour. When I then relight, the peppery taste is amost gone completely and I enjoy the baccy. I like the sweetness, very nice room note, good nicotine kick and the fact that it burns down to dottle. No gurgle, no tongue bite. A good tobacco over all.

In some parts of the world this is simply called Killarney and I think adding the term ‘Sweet’ to the name doesn’t do it any favours as it can lead to preconceptions. Yes, there is a sweetness to the blend but it is not like any of the ‘American’ style syrupy, goopy aromatics. Very different and quite delicious.

I took these reviews in mind before smoking this blend and had low expectations. The tin greeted with a definite creamy vanilla aroma with the virginia being the other component. Translated exactly as such when smoked. The creamy vanilla being well balanced with the virginia and cavendish made for a mild aromatic that could be smoked all day. While being mildly flavoured, the sweetness purely relies on that of the cavendish.

I have seen this in my local shop but never got around to buying it until today. I got into my car and Broke the seal and was pleased with the nice sweet smell. When I got home I packed a bowl and lit it up and again was pleased with the smell and with the taste. It lights up very easily and stays lit. It has a creamy taste and a fruity taste to it . Also has nice nic levels from the flake that is mixed in to it. I did not get bite from smoking this tobacco but it did make my mouth tingle a bit but I think it was from the nicotine escort girl Minneapolis. I recommend this tobacco to anyone that likes aros. This is my new favorite tobacco along with dunhill night cap.

A good desert baccy, with some nice peaty hints in the background, great room note, one for the ladies, yes very sweet but not too sweet, yes it does bite, but what doesn’t these days. If you liked toffee instead of hardboils or jellies when you were a kid, you’ll like this.

My first ever review of killarney. For me, killarney is a very pleasing smoke, i do like aromatic tobbaco, i have a bit of a sweet tooth, i find it to be smooth, no bite for me..the case is good as it delights my sweet tooth.

It is true that in the tin it smells wonderful, sweet caramel with a hint of vanilla, not overhelming. but that is not the really important thing for a smoker, as we dont smell the tobacco, we smoke it. And when it comes to smoke it Sweet Killarney betrays you fully. It is also true, it burns hot, no matter the technique employed, no matter the pipe used, no matter anything. It is a tobacco that has an over irritable temper. It gets hot easily and obliges you to lay down your pipe. So expect multiple relights if you want to avoid a severe tongue burn. Strike one.

This is a ribbon version of the emasculated University Flake. This wretched stuff might be good for single celled organisms which honestly don’t know any better. Grin. Seriously, this is some bad smelling, horrible tasting, weak stuff.

This is a total abortion of a blend from Peterson’s, in fact, why are they even still selling this stuff.

This blend didn’t punish my palate like some of the others I’ve tried. I like the aroma from the tin and liked the topping that gives this blend a sweet taste. It stayed lit and burned fairly well right out of the tin. I’ll be keeping this blend in my personal rotation. Try this if you’re into aromatics and you might like it as well as I do. This is not my favorite, flavored aromatic, as P&W’s No. 191 Honey Vanilla holds that position. Therefore, IMHO, SK merits three *s!

Very similar (slightly better, maybe) to Sunset Breeze: a bit less sticky to the touch and nauseating to the nose, but the philosophy is identical. There’s some black cavendish less, and more broken flake, but what dominates is the topping. As usual, great for those around you (I have got many compliments from colleagues at work!), but very unsatisfying for the smoker: while there is some taste of the casing, it is not as pleasant and sweet as the smell would suggest (and if it were, it would probably be too nauseating). There is some tobacco taste here and there, but I keep getting a much nicer natural, pleasant and fulfilling sweetness from some uncased Virginia flakes! Not to mention about the acrid notes that emerge towards the bottom of the bowl. Bad? Well, no, at least if this is your kind of tobacco. But I can’t find any reason to buy another tin of it.

That being said, the tin aroma of this blend almost knocked me over and I was close to tossing the the lot untried. Being Peterson however, I gave it a try, and I’m glad I did! After the first bowl I wasn’t about to review it until I had finished the entire tin.

The stuff has a good appearance of lemon and bright virginia and an aroma good enough to eat right out of the tin. The charring light gives one the impression that one might like the tobacco.

This was my first blend but I’ve smoked it several times again. Real nice fruity-caramel flavor, however, after a few months of aging, it loses 90% of it’s flavor. It also has zero nicotine. Recommended if you want something sweet yet fancy.

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