Dildos are designed to look like erect penises – which is why they’re referred to as phallic sex toys

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Dildos are designed to look like erect penises – which is why they’re referred to as phallic sex toys

Dildos are designed to look like erect penises – which is why they’re referred to as phallic sex toys


With a dildo, vaginal or anal penetrations happen like in routine sex. Although dildos usually have the dimensions of human penises, you still have a world of options to choose from in terms of size and texture – you’ll finally get filled up, girl! And for our men, stick around for suction cups.


Dildos are made of virtually anything that can be carved into the desired phallic shape. Decades ago, rubber incorporated with steel for stiffness, PVC, and jelly rubber dildos were the trends but for safety-related reasons, they now have little to no space in the dildo world. Below, you’ll find the most common materials used in dildo production along with their merits, if any:

  1. Silicone rubber: Non-porous, easily sterilized, durable, and resists damage.
  2. High-end chrome-plated steel: Non-porous, durable, firm and hard, and low-friction.
  3. Borosilicate glass: Firm, personalizable with inscriptions.
  4. Cyberskin: Has a nice name, if that counts for anything. It’s delicate, porous, and hard to sterilize – not the best option!


The size of a dildo is limited only to the imagination of its creators. Typically, though, dildos have the same length as the average penis: 4-6 inches in length and 4-5 inches in diameter. Not the most discreet sex toys if you ask me but then again, being satisfied ranks higher than being discreet.

Power Types

Dildos are generally manual, working at whatever pace you work at, therefore there’s no need for a power source. However, the introduction of vibrating dildos changed the game – as these dildos have motors embedded in them for a more life-like experience – if you get my point.

Stimulation zones

  1. Prostate stimulation zone
  2. A-spot (Cervical) stimulation zone
  3. G-spot stimulation zone

Suction Cup Dildos

Sex explorers, meet a device that satisfies males and females alike! Applicable as masturbation toys or during sex, solo or with a partner, suction cup dildos are reliable toys to have on your shelf – whoever you are, whatever your preference! One more thing, suction cups work hands-free because they stay glued to any surface of your choosing. Dildos don’t always have to be straight penis-looking sex toys. They can have special features like the vibrator dildo that vibrates and thrusts. Or the inflatable dildos that allow for a change in circumference/girth. It could even have a suction cup that allows you to attach it to walls or surfaces. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Thrusting and Vibrating Dildos

The only thing better than a dildo is a dildo that doubles as a vibrator. Here are the two main types of vibrating dildos:

  1. Dildos with built-in motors in the shaft.
  2. Dildos with openings in their base shaadi that can fit a bullet vibrator. So if you feel stuck with a dildo that doesn’t vibrate and wish it did, all hope is not lost; simply add a ring vibrator to it.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos work in a balloon-ish manner. These dildos are attachable to a pump. So, say you enjoy a wider girth – and who doesn’t – all you need to do is have your dildo inflated to a size that tickles your fancy.

Realistic Dildos

From the veins to the texture, these are dildos that give an all-around experience. They are top sex toys for beginners and experts alike! Realistic dildos are the closest thing to having a penis that isn’t a penis.

Squirting Dildos

These are regular dildos but with the addition of compartments where you can add fake semen. It’s great for lovers of ejaculatory sex!

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