A person who spends currency having sexual intercourse, always in the context of prostitution

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A person who spends currency having sexual intercourse, always in the context of prostitution

A person who spends currency having sexual intercourse, always in the context of prostitution

trappin’ 1. adj. The newest work out of coping into the as well as which have attempting to sell pills to have the latest buildup out of money for personal acquire. “Yo, immediately after Larry had that handle her or him cartels, the guy trappin’.”

treat ’em step 1. to improve otherwise confront anybody having a read needs. To educate some one. “Your betta treat ’em prior to We beat ’em.”

secret 1. “Yo Calvin. Who has got that key more than there having Jamie?” dos. In addition to used since the an excellent verb. “The thing that makes Tiffany flipping strategies?” or “Oh, he could be only a trick.”

triflin step 1. v. So you’re able to cheating on the boyfriend or wife or even become a great bad lover inside relationship. “Rick! Are you trifflin having Jackie? You ideal vow Tomeka don’t read . . . she’ll open up a might on you!” 2. “Son, Monica is straight triflin’!” 3. Someone who is unpleasant and even becomes towards individuals anxiety.

Talking about a good buddy’s straight back, back stabbing; an individual who likes crisis and provides people in to their disorder

trill step one. adj. somebody who is actually well respected from the roadways because they ‘ensure that it it is real’; comes from the language genuine and you may real. “Hey these types of ni##a’s was trill which means you don’t need to love no body snitchin’.” Lyrical source: FLO RIDA – Act like You realize my personal gap team iced away my personal nigga therefore trill my nigga very trill ack like you see

trippin step 1. v./adv. (produced from “tripping” ) To behave including a person who try hallucinating or for the an acidic trip. To act one other people come across strange. “Woman, why you trippin . . . he ain’t all of that!” 2. To act crazy otherwise intense regarding the anything otherwise towards the people. “Eh, girl! Really don’t have any idea as to the reasons the guy end up being trippin on me personally when We be aside.”

trolling step one. the new act out of purposely hurtful (because you can, you’re anonymous) someone else on line always by the looking to cheat them into convinced your is dedicated to particular dispute or part you’re looking to make, otherwise physically attacking him or her, otherwise stating rude responses. “David’s on the web trolling to the remark section of chapel other sites merely because the guy believes it’s fun in order to disappointed the individuals religious somebody.”

troop step one. letter. a lengthy stroll otherwise travels. *Even though this label is not popular anymore, it nonetheless bears stating since it has already established fool around with and may even become nevertheless for the circulation in a number of contexts. “Taco Bell? Which is a troop . 5.”

truthiness 1. letter. whenever something seems to be, or is felt to be true, though that isn’t fundamentally genuine.

tunnin’ step 1. v. To battle really well; strive a lot. A 3rd coast & Dirty Southern term. “Anytime i head to a celebration, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step one. v. grass dancing or (T.You.Roentgen.F.=trying out room on the floor) definition playing with a big town because you dance. This form of moving are regarding the Hyphy, Krumping, or Bucking and you may was originated in Oakland, Ca. “JJ is winning the battle till Rajaad become turfin’ on that deceive and you will took him out.”

tweaker 1. adj. An individual who try dependent on methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally don’t bed for more than 40 hours, I shall bet this woman is a beneficial tweaker.”

tweakin’ step one. v. to behave including anyone who has removed Methamphetamine. To-be a lot of hyper otherwise productive. To do something strangely.

An intimately energetic people

adjusting 1. v. To snort otherwise smoke methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some cases individuals will carry it intervenously. “Exactly why are you figiting plenty, are you currently adjusting once more?”

twigga step one. letter. a variety of term ‘wigga’ (light nigga), will found in Texas. “Jason is true twigga, the guy representing them double wide trailers!” 2. n. a black person who spends Myspace and you may uses the activities out-of other black some one. “I simply set every one of my twiggas up on next place to hit upwards tonight.”

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